International Mobile Film Festival

Now it's your turn! You have the camera in your pocket. Are you inspired to make a film?​


April 30 & May 1, 2016

#MFF2016SanDiego & #MobileFilmSD


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S. Botello Productions™ is forming a mobile film resource center for the world to access. A strong emphasis is on connecting the world of filmmaking to mobile filmmakers around the globe via new technological advances with mobile phone cameras. You can contact us if you'd like to get involved. We still have room for you to join a group of global innovators collaborating on mobile film. We are much more than a mobile film festival! Stay in touch.

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Left to right: Alicia Hayes, Prakash Natarajan, Jose Iturriaga, Adi Spektor, Robert David Duncan and founder Susy Botello. Photo credit: 656 Photography

Mission: The purpose of our mobile film festival is not only to create interest and spark creativity in people of all ages with limited income or resources, but to actually inspire creative filmmakers to live to their potential and realize the opportunity to fulfill their dream. ​The International Mobil Film Festival™ is for everyone around the world! All ages welcome. Our mission is our passion and we are sharing mobile filmmaking internationally with our collaborators, sponsors and partners.

MFF2016 NEWS! The official filmmakers screening their films during MFF2016 will be announced here very soon. Stay tuned! We received over 130 films this year and are narrowing down the selection for the competition! 


Mobile filmmaking is the new niche in the film industry and everyone left inspired. Our fourth annual International Mobil Film Festival™ screened 36 films!

Mobile filmmaking pioneers came to MFF2015 to network  and meet in San Diego! 
United Kingdom | Philippines | Turkey | Belarus | Morocco | India | Hungary | Egypt | British Columbia | Denmark | Spain | Bulgaria | Iran | Great Britain | France | USA - Puerto Rico | USA - Texas | USA - New York | USA - New Jersey | USA - California | USA - Arkansas | USA - Florida

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It was very inspiring to watch the attending filmmakers who came to San Diego for the fourth annual International Mobil Film Festival™ in San Diego, which took place at Grossmont College. The filmmakers shot their films using mobile phones which any smartphone user knows looks like a small widescreen TV set. To watch the filmmakers see their films on the big screen during a cinema showcase was truly inspirational. Read more.


​#MFF2016SanDiego APRIL 30 & MAY 1, 2016

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Be inspired! Watch this blockbuster mobile film!

Our partners, sponsors & collaborators are around the world!
Macedonia, South Korea, Africa, Spain, New Zealand, France, Pakistan, Canada and more!

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WINNERS OF MFF2015 - Congratulations!
First Prize
Dancers of NYC by Tristan Pope
iPhone 6
New York City, New York

Second Prize
Sector Zero 4 by Alfonso Garcia Lopez
iPhone 4s
Madrid, Spain

Third Prize
Lost and Found in Dubai by Vasilis Billy Blioumis
Samsung Note 4
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Runner Up Prize 
How to Rob a House by Adi Spektor
iPhone 5s
Los Angeles, California


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