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Our team is collaborating on programs for mobile filmmakers around the world. We are ensuring a global resource for mobile film-making to encourage and inspire filmmakers to create films, tell stories and realize their dream.

"We empower the storyteller inside you through filmmaking with your smartphone." - S. Botello Productions™

S. Botello Productions™ is committed!

S. Botello Productions™ created the International Mobile Film Festival based in San Diego to create a platform for filmmakers of all ages to showcase their talents creatively by replacing the need for film/video cameras with what most people already have in their pockets and enter a film festival where only those who shoot their films with mobile cell and smartphones could compete and showcase their work. Our work in mobile filmmaking is more than the film festival. It is about creating a global mobile film resource center with many programs revolving around mobile film.

Below is our team of collaborators for S. Botello Productions™ programs. We take our relationships seriously and provide our team with respect and dignity for the work they do and their passion as collaborators in what we do. Together we can accomplish more and benefit from the rewards collectively.


Susan Botello

Susan Botello | Founder & CEO

With more than thirteen years in video production, Susan built SBP (S. Botello Productions™ est. 2006) around a network of experienced professionals, Susan is a creative writer with an A.S. degree in Media Communications. Her experience includes video production, not limited to PSA's, promos, documentaries, training, and funding videos. Susan has experience with short and full feature films working on production sets as Director of Photography, Script Supervisor, Production Coordinator and of course, as Production Assistant (PA). She has worked with kids and teens teaching them the skills of producing their own projects. Susan works well with kids and teens and has great communication skills to promote, enhance and inspire the creative talents of youth and children, and people around the world. The exciting world of mobile filmmaking is intriguing even to the youngest, who make great story-tellers! Her mission with the International Mobile Resource Center is to empower everyone in the world through storytelling with the best storytelling medium: Filmmaking.

Don't hesitate to contact Susan Botello today. Available for speaking engagements and interviews.

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Gerry Williams  

Gerry Williams | Filmist Cinematographer
Gerry Williams is a filmmaker with 16 feature-length films to his credit as a Director of Photography. He produces, directs, shoots and edits corporate/industrial films and commercials.

"It's not the camera that takes amazing pictures - the camera is just another tool. You don't tell a painter that it's the brush that makes a great painting, or the paints used. It's the filmmaker's knowledge, experience and vision that makes an awesome film, no matter the tools."

Gerry also hosts a monthly Mars Movie Night and the San Diego Vintage Sci-Fi movies.

Williams Production Company


Conrad Mess Photo
Conrad Mess | Mobile Film School Lead Designer

Conrad Mess, was born February 23, 1974 in Zaragoza, Spain.
“It's hard for me to express how I feel right now. Who was going to tell me less than a year ago, when I was shooting "The Fixer," that I was going to be directing an iPhone short film in Hollywood? Who was going to tell me that I was going to meet a lot of people in the industry? Who was going to tell me that they would become my friends? Who was going to tell me less than a year ago that I was going to be screening my iPhone films in San Francisco? Who was going to tell me that I was going to be having fun in Las Vegas? And now, who was going to tell me less than a year ago that I'm going to be the co-leader of the first Mobile film school, working with Susan Botello, one of the producers that has always had trust in me? I'm very excited because I'm going to be able to help others like me, help them to live what I've lived. For sure, this is the American dream come true.” Conrad Mess, September 4, 2012

Mess Filmmakers


Max Schleser

Dr. Max Schleser | Experimental Filmmaking Collaborator

“In 2006 I started experimenting with two megapixel camera phones making short films. Some folks said cell phones are not made to make films, but I thought, let’s see what’s possible. Three years later I was in Japan producing my first feature on a cell phone, which was screened at film festivals and in the Museum of Moving Image in San Paolo.

MINA.pro is Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa [MINA] which creates interactions between people, content and the creative industries.


Vesna Ristovska

Vesna Ristovska | Liaison Mobile Festival in Macedonia
Vesna is from Macedonia. She is our liaison with Mobile Festival in Skopje, Macedonia, which one of our strongest supporters.

Vesna completed her studies and achieved her masters from Southwest University "Neofit Rilski" in Blagoevgrad, R. Bulgaria. Vesna is an active filmmaker. She directed short student films and has accumulated credits such as, assistant director, script, casting director and more. She also volunteered at the Manaki Film Festival in Bitola. Currently, Vesna works with the Mobile Film Festival in Skopje Y as a web administrator on a news website. She also works on multimedia projects with Media Solutions firm.

Mobile Festival in Macedonia


Rick Narvaez Photo 012316

Rick Narvaez | Production & Events Coordinator in San Diego, CA
Rick’s experience is in film and is also a talented artist. He coordinates art events and galleries at UCSD (University of California in San Diego). Rick Narvaez assists SBP with coordination of our events, including MFF2016 and our Mobile Film School (non-accredited) workshops. We appreciate having Rick in our team of collaborators in San Diego and value his skills and talents.