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Officially launched in 2009

The Red Carpet Is In Your Pocket™

12th Annual International Mobile Film Festival


presented by S. Botello Productions™

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APRIL 28, 29 & 30, 2023

Marina Village

San Diego, California


International Mobile Film Festival is anIMDb Logoqualifying Film Festival

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NOTICE: New Update to the film festival's model through a transformative new design for the film competitions has been implemented.

Read about our transformation!  


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Promoting Art, Technology & Education

S. Botello Productions™ is forming a mobile film resource center for the world to access. A strong emphasis is on connecting the world of filmmaking to mobile filmmakers around the globe via new technological advances with mobile phone cameras.


Our Mission

Through the new competition for less experienced filmmakers: The Rookie Award, IMFF continues to fulfill its mission while continuing to raise the bar for the mobile filmmaking industry as a world leader in mobile smartphone filmmaking. Learn more about our transformation to attract and inspire good filmmakers sharing great stories with smartphone filmmaking. Quinn Friedman received the inaugural Rookie Award in-person during IMFF 2022 Sunday, May 1.

The purpose of our mobile film festival is not only to create interest and spark creativity in people of all ages with limited income or resources but to actually inspire creative filmmakers to live to their potential and realize the opportunity to fulfill their dream. The International Mobil Film Festival™ is for everyone around the world! All ages welcome. Our mission is our passion and we are sharing mobile filmmaking internationally with our collaborators, sponsors and partners.


Imagine that you are on the red carpet in our film festival with a famous director like Steven Spielberg who shot a film with a mobile phone as well. We provide a venue for all humans to make a mobile film regardless of experience. This is an equal arena for all filmmakers all around the world, famous and not so famous alike. The competition is on! This is your time to shine on the red carpet! All things being equal...

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We are global pioneers based in America's Finest City, San Diego, California. Our film festival is well known around the world as the longest running live venue event movie film festival for only films shot with smartphones.

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THANK YOU to our sponsors who have confirmed sponsoring IMFF 2023 taking place April 28, 29 & 30! We've confirmed FilmConvert, Swords & Circuitry Studios, Star Wars Steampunk Universe and Dude Vader, and ProductionHUB.


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"We empower the storyteller inside you through filmmaking with your smartphone." - S. Botello Productions™


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FilmConvert has been a sponsor of IMFF since 2017 and has confirmed 2023.

Moondog Labs joined as a sponsor of IMFF 2022.

Filmic Pro supports IMFF 2022 as sponsor.

Engraving Pros has been providing Trophies for our festival since the innaugural event. 

Star Wars Steampunk Universe has been sponsoring our unique Red Carpet Extravaganza since 2017 and has confirmed 2023.

Swords and Circuitry Studios has been sponsoring the audio & visual equipment since 2018 and has confirmed 2023.



"Excellent communication and incredibly supportive of the work. Would highly recommend this festival!"

Daniel Tomcik | IMFF 2022


"San Diego has a hidden gem with the International Mobile Film Festival. Founder, Susy Botello has created not just a niche but a standard for other festivals to follow. Thank you choosing my short film and I hope to return in the future."

Niles Larson | IMFF 2022


"We recently attended the IMFF with our film Surveilled, which screened on the first day, and we loved every minute. It's in a beautiful location (Mission Bay, San Diego), and the welcome from festival director, Susy Botello, was warm and welcoming. The standard of films selected was very high, as was the projection and sound systems. The networking opportunities at this festival are very good, and we attended a fascinating workshop by filmmakers Ryan and Brandie McDonald. If you get accepted into this festival, I would highly recommend you attend!"

Caroline Spence | IMFF 2022


"The International Mobile Film Festival was amazing well run and organized by Susy Botello and her staff and judges from around the world. They built an interactive website that was deeply thought out yet easy to comprehend and be instantly involved. Hats off to this film fest for making such an enjoyable event happen online during these times of world health issues. I can’t thank them enough for including my family’s pandemic short: “Don’t Tell Mom!”"

Karl Niemiec | IMFF 2021


"Fantastic festival! Very good communication. Thanks so much."

Paul London | IMFF 2021


"A fabulous festival. Adapted for Covid times. Friendly and supportive of filmmakers. Thank you!"

Anne Taylor | IMFF 2021


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"Super Festival! Susy is amazing ! She's taking care of you and she gives you a great support! Very well organised! I highly recommend this festival"

Jake Meniani | IMFF 2021


"IMFF was my first film festival. Susy Botello is a gracious host and responds to questions quickly. The IMFF team was wonderful! I highly recommend this event!!!!"

Lillian Carter | IMFF 2021


"Recommended festival. One of the coolest! and I am grateful to have been included in the 10th edition, a large community of mobile filmmakers that Susy and her crew have been following for several years."

Sigfrido Giammona | IMFF 2021

"Brilliant communication, organization and the offers of opportunity."

Michèle Jedlicka | IMFF 2021

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